Porcelain Seaweed Sculptures


These hand crafted porcelain Seaweed Sculptures are beautifully created to add a simple but daring seaside aesthetic to any room.

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Sasha Lean-Vercoe

This collection of seaweed porcelain sculptures is inspired by her native Devon. The warm Devonian waters support a great variety of species and remind her of the Victorian craze for seaweed collections, and the many attempts to “capture” seaweed – by presses, drawing, nature prints and photography.
Sasha is fascinated by the liminal space seaweed occupies, and wanted to undertake her own study using contemporary materials as well as recreating Victorian techniques.
Sasha trained in furniture design & realisation and currently has a workshop at Creek Creative Faversham, where she designs and makes bespoke work and commissions, ranging from interior design and functional pieces, to sculpture and theatre props.


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