Emma Lacey Handmade Ceramic Strata Mug


A limited edition mug exclusively designed for TheCoastalCompany.com, this engaging mug by ceramics designer Emma Lacey features a distinctive dipped strata glaze detail inspired by the South Devon coast.
(Slate – dark grey, Pebble – light grey)

1 for (NZD) $51.00 or 2 for $102.00. Buy one or buy one of each colour, choose from the dropdown.


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Emma Lacey.

Every object Emma Lacey creates is driven by a love of subtle and sensual forms and a passion for design and making. She enjoys the tactility of clay both during the making process and after firing, you can see this in these mugs.

The ergonomic shape is hand-thrown in the UK using a fine stoneware clay. The dipped strata design is accentuated by the changing surface textures where the glaze reveals the clay. The unglazed line appears at different heights on each handmade mug making each piece unique.

People are drawn in by the shape and shade of these pieces then continue to explore and discover them the longer they hold them for. The contrast of the changing surface textures encourages you to engage with the object.

High fired stoneware ceramic is very durable and the mugs can be happily and safely used everyday in the dishwasher and microwave.

Emma Lacey Stockist, the strata mug is a unique and inspired variation on the popular everyday and rainbow mug.


Weight 0.5 kg

Emma Lacey


Stoneware clay

Washing Instructions

Dishwasher safe


Handmade by Emma Lacey in the UK


Pebble, Pebble & Slate, Slate

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