Linen is durable, comfortable, highly absorbent, pilling free, breathable and hypo-allergenic. Made from flax fiber, derived from the flax plant, it is fully biodegradable, recyclable and every part of the plant is used.

Linen’s properties mean that it is able to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. It is very strong and its softness and luxurious touch means it is one of the most comfortable fabrics; its strength means that, if cared for correctly, it will last for decades. Over time and through washing linen will gradually fade and soften to a beautiful natural patina unique to linen.

Belgian Linen

Our Belgian linens have been produced in Belgium by artisan linen makers using the highest quality flax fibers, grown in Western Europe. These products of superior quality carry a Belgian Linen certificate of origin.

Linen Care Instructions

Our linens can be washed or dry cleaned with confidence. For best results, we recommend the following care instructions:

  • Unfold your linen completely before washing.
  • Do not overload the machine.
  • Wash at max temperature 40°C (104°F).
  • Use a mild detergent, avoid chlorine bleach.
  • Line dry, it is best for the linen and the environment.
  • Iron on the inside slightly damp with steam on.

Some linens may have specific care instructions, please refer to the product page and each product’s care label too.

Please also keep in mind that these are a completely natural product and, whilst these are made to exacting standards, a slight variation in size and colour is always possible.