Homes by the sea



Who doesn’t like a home by the sea?

We do. It is, of course, our little home by the sea that gave us the inspiration and desire to start this website and shop selling quality coastal inspired homeware and bedding.

Looking out of the windows across the ocean gives one a sense of calm and peace. The blue and green colours draw you in and immerse you into the landscape; de-stressing.

Although it is not always the bright vivid marine colours that are the most interesting. The pale silvery blues and greys on cloudier days and the pinkish and goldish tinges of the rising and setting sun shining on the water provide a backdrop to daily living that is both tranquil and beautiful.

The landscape is always changing and adding interest too. The colours change shade by the minute and, where we live at least, there is always something moving around on the water, normally a fishing boat, always something moving across the seascape and catching the attention.

It is these feelings of tranquility and calm, the beautiful changing views and the sound and smell of the ocean that we wish to convey in the collection of products for the home that we wish to sell. For people who live by the sea, and for those that live inland but wish to have that same sense of peacefulness that the cool natural seaside and coastal colours and patterns provide, whether your look is Cornish fisherman’s cottage, ┬áScandinavian beach hut or Miami beach house style, we hope to be able to inspire and cater for you.

Another person who likes homes by the sea is Charlie Luxton, presenter of Channel 4’s program called “Homes by the sea”. In it he visits different parts of the UK coast and looks around architecturally interesting and well positioned houses built by others who love to live by the sea.

It is very interesting watching, and the programme displays the broad range of different types of houses that people reside in around the coast, from converted industrial buildings to new build dwellings, as well as the wonderful coastal views that accompany them.

We watched with particular interest when Charlie visited South Devon and in particular Brixham, known more for its fishing boats than its homes, despite this it does has more than its fair share of architecturally interesting houses.

One of the local architects Stan Bolt had a couple of his houses visited by Charlie, one called Kaywana Hall in nearby Kingswear was restored by Bolt after first being built by and for another Brixham architect called Mervyn Seal, known for his ‘butterfly houses’. Both of these people have left an important mark on Brixham and on homes by the sea in general.

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