Our inspiration


Upon moving to Brixham, Devon, where we are lucky enough to have a holiday home, I have found looking out at the sea lifts the spirit and calms the soul. Unfortunately some previous tenants made a little mess of our oasis and some interior decorating was desperately required!

However, after spending many hours online it seemed coastal homeware was either excessively patterned or very brightly coloured. I just wanted simple classic colours and patterns which will last for years to come.

I kept talking about the beautiful colours and patterns which are everywhere in the nature around us and how these could be used on fabric and in turn provide a homeware range which brings the calm sea spirit into the home, so when Nick suggested we start a online store I jumped at the idea with open arms.


I spent part of my childhood and later life living by the sea, and after setting up a successful internet company, was able to buy a house with beautiful views overlooking the marina and out to sea in Brixham, Torbay.

The ever changing colours and coastal scenery just outside the windows is majestic and draws you into its mesmerizing embrace.

With the birth of twins and a reassessment of our family life in London we decided to move into the house in Brixham. Katie’s desire to do something more creative and with my experience of the internet, we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to share our love of the coast with others.

Our mission

To provide a range of high quality coastal & nautical inspired style homeware to discerning customers.

The aim is for all products to have at least a ten year lifespan – thus should be of classic design made using high quality materials.

Products, packaging and customer service should make shoppers happy for years to come!

We have a selection of European linen and cotton bedding, including sheets, duvet covers and more.

Key values

Excellent customer service.
Good communication.
High quality, stylish products.