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More vases and string lights in stock

Rather belatedly, we now have more copper wire string LED lights and nautical, rope handle hurricane vases in stock; including a new style vase that is rounder than the current one.

These have proven rather popular, especially at the market in Dartmouth we were stallholders at.

They also sell very well online, and we know that many people have asked about them coming back into stock, so we have worked hard to get hold of some more.

There is still time to buy them before Christmas, and they look great all through the winter.

The new products will be online very soon, otherwise follow the links to browse or buy.

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Candle Lit Dartmouth Market

This weekend is the lovely pre-Christmas candle lit market in Dartmouth. There is a magical lantern procession, Santa who arrives by boat (of course) to visit all the good little girls and boys, street entertainers and of course the fabulous street market.

We decided to get out and about, meet some of our customers, and set up stall for the Friday evening.

And what a fantastic evening we had, meeting lots of new customers and shoppers and other market traders all selling their wonderful wares like beautiful woollen blankets, candles and diffusers, clothing, jewellery… the list goes on.

We were all set up and ready to go by 4pm and were soon welcoming our new customers. It was lovely to be able to chat to the shoppers and get some feedback about our products, and all of them were very positive.

It being our first time, we were a little nervous, but this soon disappeared with the response we received from the shoppers.

Emma Lacey’s beautiful tactile mugs garnered much caressing from many people, as they should, our Belgian and Portugese linens were popular and we were able to sell some of them, which we weren’t really expecting to.

The star attractions of the night on the stall were the rope handle vases and copper led lights. They did look good on the display shelves alongside the driftwood wreaths and stars, and we sold out! Which was a bit of a shame as there were plenty more people who would have liked to have taken one home with them. The good news is that there will be plenty more added to the website very very soon.

It was a beautiful evening with no rain or wind to spoil anything, it was a little chilly, but nothing a little mulled wine couldn’t fix. So went home tired and happy and satisfied with what the public thought of our products in person.

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Three stylish coastal Christmas decorations.

1. Driftwood Wreath

driftwood wreath
driftwood wreath

Handmade driftwood wreath made from driftwood collected from the British seashore. These are fixed together to create a perfect round wreath that looks stylish on a door or wall. Warm and glowing LED fairy lights made with a copper wire entwined around complete the classic and simple look, reminiscent of a Scandinavian beach house. The wreaths are 30cm in diameter.

2. Driftwood Star

driftwood stars
driftwood stars

The star is an important symbol of Christmas and none look better than those made of driftwood for that un-clichéd festive decoration. The same as the wreaths these are handmade on the British coast and are available in 3 sizes, small, medium and large. Hang them on their own or in groups (or should that be constellations?) These also look beautiful, warm and magical with copper wire fairy lights carefully twisted around the edge to add a warm glow to the long Winter evenings.

3. Rope Handle Hurricane Jar

Hurricane jar rope handles with LED fairy lights
Hurricane jar rope handles with LED fairy lights

A rope handle hurricane jar can have any uses and evokes the coastal look at the same time. Place a large candle in the centre – in Denmark he warm glow of candlelight is hygge, fill it with flowers or add a string of warm LED fairy lights, as in the photo above. Whichever way you choose this is an inexpensive and simple way to add a festive touch to the coastal room or beach house this Christmas and Winter.

Coastal Christmas decor from shop.

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Homes by the sea



Who doesn’t like a home by the sea?

We do. It is, of course, our little home by the sea that gave us the inspiration and desire to start this website and shop selling quality coastal inspired homeware and bedding.

Looking out of the windows across the ocean gives one a sense of calm and peace. The blue and green colours draw you in and immerse you into the landscape; de-stressing.

Although it is not always the bright vivid marine colours that are the most interesting. The pale silvery blues and greys on cloudier days and the pinkish and goldish tinges of the rising and setting sun shining on the water provide a backdrop to daily living that is both tranquil and beautiful.

The landscape is always changing and adding interest too. The colours change shade by the minute and, where we live at least, there is always something moving around on the water, normally a fishing boat, always something moving across the seascape and catching the attention.

It is these feelings of tranquility and calm, the beautiful changing views and the sound and smell of the ocean that we wish to convey in the collection of products for the home that we wish to sell. For people who live by the sea, and for those that live inland but wish to have that same sense of peacefulness that the cool natural seaside and coastal colours and patterns provide, whether your look is Cornish fisherman’s cottage,  Scandinavian beach hut or Miami beach house style, we hope to be able to inspire and cater for you.

Another person who likes homes by the sea is Charlie Luxton, presenter of Channel 4’s program called “Homes by the sea”. In it he visits different parts of the UK coast and looks around architecturally interesting and well positioned houses built by others who love to live by the sea.

It is very interesting watching, and the programme displays the broad range of different types of houses that people reside in around the coast, from converted industrial buildings to new build dwellings, as well as the wonderful coastal views that accompany them.

We watched with particular interest when Charlie visited South Devon and in particular Brixham, known more for its fishing boats than its homes, despite this it does has more than its fair share of architecturally interesting houses.

One of the local architects Stan Bolt had a couple of his houses visited by Charlie, one called Kaywana Hall in nearby Kingswear was restored by Bolt after first being built by and for another Brixham architect called Mervyn Seal, known for his ‘butterfly houses’. Both of these people have left an important mark on Brixham and on homes by the sea in general.

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An appreciation of Brixham



Brixham. Well known amongst history teachers as being the place where William of Orange stepped foot on English soil before marching up to London to take the crown. Or the harbour where fishermen perfected trawler design; only a very few of the old sailing boats with their distinctive red ochre coloured sails now trawl the seas.

The town faces its harbour, brightly coloured fishermen’s cottages peer down at the modern working fishing port next to the marina full of upright white masts jostling for space and shelter behind the breakwater. The working boats and pleasure craft sit comfortably side by side.

Beyond the breakwater, with its pretty white lighthouse, the sea provides an ever changing backdrop. One moment ultramarine the next aquamarine. White caps and foam dancing across its surface lifting the sailing boats with their red, yellow, blue spinnakers as they race around the bay – Torbay.

The bay is bordered by cliffs of rich red, Lower Devonian, sandstone and outcrops of pinky-grey volcanic rock. The highest is Berry Head the area of outstanding natural beauty on the eastern side of Brixham, where you can walk around the Napoleonic forts carpeted with purple and white coastal wildflowers. Butterflies and other flying insects darting and blowing between them.


As the day draws to a close the bright colours fade and the sea and sky turn a steely bluey-grey until the setting sun picks out some wispy clouds and colours them gold and pink, its reflection draws a gold line across the marina dissecting and burnishing the ghostly white yachts.

It is impossible to not be inspired by the ever changing expanse of scenery. Coastal blues and greens that change complexion from cool and pale to rich and deep, the houses and boats providing highlight with bright and vivid coloured flecks.

Like many coastal areas the scenery draws you in and immerses you in itself, but the richness of the local life, its boats and buildings its cliffs and crags give it its individual character.

The colours and patterns make for stylish and relaxing nautical and coastal style interiors. Calming and reflective, light and airy, whilst not detracting from, but adding to the view out of the window over the marina and across the sea. Themes that have inspired people living on coasts throughout the world and do so for us living in Brixham.


Photo Brixham Harbour – Christopher Martin